Name Sarah Elaine "S.E." Ramirez
Age late 20s/early 30s
Gender Female
Likes art, drawing, video games, sewing, music, food, aliens, comics, children, looking on the dark side of life
Dislikes political correctness, relationship nonsense, feeling powerless, drugs, pretentiousness (unless it's her own), advertisements sung to the tune of Christmas songs
Accomplishments self-published a graphic novel, earned an AA in Art (fine art, not that liberal arts business)

Name Chocolate
Age About 6 human years
Gender Unknown
Likes sleeping, sitting on things, eating, security blankets, being a cat
Dislikes being forced to move, the shredded canned cat food, cold weather, loud noises
Accomplishments knocked over the same houseplant twenty times in one year

Name Remington "Remy" Wilder
Age early 20s
Gender Indeterminate (they/them pronouns)
Likes feminism, social justice, gender studies, hair dye, Superwholock, seeking out arguments on social media, visual novels, Twinkies
Dislikes dissenting opinions, being misgendered, their natural hair color, going outside, the second Avengers movie
Accomplishments once got Jonathan McIntosh to fave one of their Tweets, found a $20 bill on the sidewalk and kept it out of principle